Project Emerge

Game Description:

This game was developed by using C# and Microsoft XNA in 2009. It’s a 2D game and uses a 3D graphics that is rendered to 2D. The objective of the game is to defend the Environment Restoration Machine that is located at the center of the level while surviving the enemy’s attacks until the restoration is complete. The player will control Planet Earth Rescue Unit 00 (PERU-00) and is given 3 special skills to help them fight the aliens


  • Project Lead/ Game Designer – Asch Chia Wei Jie
  • Character Artist – Ting Kee Biew
  • Environment/ GUI Artist – Boon Ping
  • AI/ Environment Programmer – Wilson Ng Boon Keat
  • UI/ Sound Programmer –Mohd Zaid Bin Mohd Zin