About Me

A game developer that is growing and learning.

My name is Mohd Zaid. I’m a game developer and mostly focuses on the programming aspect of development. I started pursuing game development after being inspired by a game that I’ve played, which to this day remain as one of the best game I’ve played. I have been involved in several game development projects, as a student and as a professional.

My goal is to expand my career in game development, not just in programming but in other aspect like designing and concept art, as well as other areas if given the opportunity. I wish to create a game that can inspire others just like I was.

 Academic Qualifications
Bachelor’s Degree in Games Technology

I graduated from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in Malaysia. During my study there, I was taught programming (which focuses more on games), game designs, and several other skills.

You can contact me through email at : [email protected]